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St. Jude placed patients at risk by downplaying its defibrillator defects to FDA and the public. 
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Case Involving Attorney Who Committed Suicide on #Generic_Paxil Soon Goes to Trial 

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In September 2010, the FDA warned that Actos causes urinary bladder cancer. The warning is the result of a ten-year study. Takeda was required to change the Actos warning label to include the risk of urinary bladder cancer. In June, 2011, the FDA warned that taking Actos for more than one year may increase the risk of bladder cancer.

The Levensten Law Firm is lead counsel in many Actos lawsuits that are pending in federal court. We investigate and file Actos lawsuits for patients diagnosed with bladder cancer. The federal multidistrict litigation, in which many of the firm’s cases are pending, encompasses hundreds of cases against Takeda. The cases are consolidated before U.S. District Judge Rebecca Doherty in the Western District of Louisiana.

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Alarmingly, a clinical study on prescription testosterone use in men was abruptly stopped in December of 2009 due to cardiovascular related events occurring in the study. Another study announced in November reviewing a Veterans Affairs database provides further evidence that AndroGel causes stroke, heart attack, and death. According to the VA study, some men who take testosterone replacement products such as AndroGel with are almost 30% more likely to suffer a stroke or a heart attack.


The Levensten Law Firm is one the first firms in the Nation to focus its efforts on investigating potential claims against AbbVie, the manufacturer of AndroGel. We are working to quantify the increased risk of injury, and compiling evidence to be used in lawsuits against AbbVie for its failure to warn doctors and patients of the risks of AndroGel.

If you or a loved one suffered injury as a result of using AndroGel or another prescription testosterone product, please feel free to contact us for a free consultation at or by calling 1-800-510-1325.

In March of this year, the Food and Drug Administration released the following safety alert: “Incretin Mimetic Drugs for Type 2 Diabetes: Early Communication – Reports of Possible Increased Risk of Pancreatitis and Pre-cancerous Findings of the Pancreas.”

- The FDA reports that it is evaluating academic research that links these drugs with the elevated risk in patients of developing pancreatitis (acute inflammation of the pancreas) and pancreatic ductal metaplasia (the transformation of cells of the pancreas from a normal state into a pre-cancerous one).

- If you are taking Byetta and experience ill effects, call your doctor at once. The FDA also requests that these symptoms be reported so that the data may be included in further studies of this product.

- And if you are taking Byetta and have been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, you may be facing enormous medical expenses that insurance will not cover.

Almost two decades of experience in litigating for victims across the country have garnered us a place among the nation’s top personal injury law firms. To find out how we can help you, contact us today.

Metal on Metal hip implants, such as DePuy ASR, DePuy Pinnacle and Wright ProFemur Hip are defective due to the high rates of revision surgery which are necessary because of device failure. Patients suffer from tissue damage, bone loss and joint fluid build-up.

The failed devices require pre-mature revision, and cause:

  • Pseudo tumors
  • Cracks in the acetabulum
  • Loss of joint fluid
  • Abductor muscle dislocation

The Levensten Law Firm is lead counsel in many metal on metal hip implant lawsuits that are pending in federal court.

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Mirena IUD devices have been linked to a defect causing them to migrate once inserted into patient’s bodies. The migration of these devices has lead to serious injuries and required surgical intervention to have them removed. Patients have suffered from:

  • Perforation of the Uterine Wall
  • Infections
  • Obstruction of the Intestines
  • Damage to Organs
  • Internal Scarring

The Levensten Law Firm is involved in the Mirena IUD litigation. Please contact our firm for a free consultation regarding your possible Mirena IUD claim.

Pradaxa is under close FDA scrutiny, and the FDA is currently scrutinizing the reports of Pradaxa bleeding deaths. Boehringer is telling the world that it is working to find an antidote. We believe until an antidote is found, this dangerous drug need to be removed from the market. If an antidote as ever found and this dangerous drug is permitted to remain on the market, it must contain a black box warning to avoid a public health crisis.

Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals markets Pradaxa as easier to dose, requiring less monitoring, and more effective at preventing clots compared to the other drug in its class, Warfarin (Coumadin).

  • Pradaxa causes bleeding
  • The bleeding cannot be stopped with vitamin K, like Warfarin can
  • With no antidote, Pradaxa bleeding can be fatal

Contact our law firm for a free Pradaxa consultation.

Stryker Hip Replacement devices have been linked to defects increasing the risks of wear, fretting and corrosion, specifically in the systems that feature a modular-neck stem (ABG II and Rejuvenate). Many victims of these defects have required excision and/or revision of their hip implants. Additionally, patients have suffered from:

  • Metallosis (Metal Blood Poisoning)
  • Inflammation and Swellings
  • Pain
  • Tumors
  • Loosening and Failure of the Implanted Device
  • Corrosion/Fretting of the Implanted Device

The Levensten Law Firm is involved in the Stryker Hip Replacement litigation. Please contact our firm for a free consultation regarding your possible Stryker Hip Replacement claim.

Over 4,000 adverse events have been reported from vaginal mesh used to repair pelvic organ prolapse. Among other reasons, the implants are defective because polypropylene should not be used in pelvic repair. We are continuing to investigate cases involving clients who were implanted with transvaginal mesh or a bladder sling device and suffered serious adverse events. Reports of injury include:

  • Mesh erosion through the vagina
  • Pain
  • Infection and bleeding
  • Pain during sexual intercourse
  • Organ perforation
  • Urinary problems
  • Heart attacks

Mesh degradation is known in the medical literature since 1976, but defendants ignored the science. Doctors were routinely misinformed about a long history of safety of mesh.

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It’s reported that Bayer’s Xarelto is under scrutiny by German Authorities because of growing reports reports of bleeding side effects and deaths. Like the dangerous drug Pradaxa, Co-developers Bayer and Johnson & Johnson are working to find an antidote. Without an antidote to stop the bleeding associated with this class of medicine, drugs like Xarelto and Pradaxa are very dangerous to consumers. We believe that these drugs must contain a black box warning to avoid a public health crisis.

  • Xarelto may cause bleeding
  • The bleeding cannot be stopped with vitamin K, like Warfarin can
  • With no antidote, Xarelto bleeding can be fatal

The Levensten Law Firm is currently investigating the legal rights of patients who suffer bleeding side effects and death on Xarelto.

Contact our law firm for a free Xarelto consultation.


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