AndroGel, which is marketed by AbbVie, was approved by the FDA in the 1% strength in 2000, and in the 1.62% strength in 2011. The use of prescription testosterone in men over 40 tripled between 2001 to 2011, prompted at least in part by late night commercials that discussed the possibility of “low T” as an excuse for fatigue and low libidos.

However, according to reliable medical journals, studies show that use of AndroGel in some men may be associated with an approximate 30% increase risk in cardiovascular side effects.

Additionally, according the the FDA, secondary exposure to AndroGel could cause premature puberty in children, including the enlargement of genitals, early development of public hair, advanced bone age and aggressive behavior. Women who are exposed to the medication may also suffer from problems such as irregular periods and other effects. Women and children are warned to avoid the unwashed or unclothed application sites of men using AndroGel and patients are advised to wash their hands thoroughly and clothe the application site to prevent this secondary exposure.

AndroGel also causes an increased risk of prostate cancer, the FDA warns, and patients should be evaluated for prostate cancer before replacement therapy begins.

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