Serious Problems Related to Mirena

The Mirena birth control device or IUD has been linked with serious problems and injuries in women. Defects in the Mirena IUD have caused them to move or migrate within the bodies of women, leading to potentially serious injuries such as:

  • Perforation of the Uterine Wall
  • Infections
  • Obstruction of the Intestines
  • Damage to Organs
  • Internal Scarring

Migrating Mirena IUDs may require surgical procedures to remove from the body, and in some cases may lead to the need for a full hysterectomy.

Mirena IUD

The Mirena IUD is a product developed by Bayer as a long-acting birth control device that is inserted into the uterus. The Mirena IUD interferes with the process of egg release from the woman’s ovaries, as well as disrupting normal egg and sperm interaction to avoid pregnancy. The Mirena IUD has been advertised as being safe, reversible, and capable of preventing pregnancy for up to five years while inserted. However, the injuries associated with the migration and movement of the Mirena IUD have placed women who use it at an unreasonable level of risk for serious and long-term medical damage.

Are You a Victim of the Mirena IUD?

The Levensten Law Firm is involved in pending Mirena IUD litigation. We will investigate and file lawsuits for victims who have been caused injuries by this dangerous device. If you believe you are a victim of injuries due to the Mirena IUD, please contact our firm for a free consultation.