Unsafe Drug Alert: Serious Bleeding Problems Caused By The Unsafe Prescription Drug Xarelto

Xarelto is prescribed by doctors to stop various blood clots, including embolic strokes and pulmonary embolism. The manufacturers of Xarelto, Bayer and Johnson Johnson, state that the blood thinner medication is in fact safe and more appropriate than warfarin. That is not entirely true. According to recent discoveries, Xarelto is unsafe because of bleeding risks, and there is no antidote for that side effect.

Bleeding has been a familiar complication with other anticoagulants, but the bleeding that comes from Xarelto is much more dangerous than the other blood thinners because no antidote has been created. Xarelto has been placed on a higher pedestal than other anticoagulants, but the effects of Xarelto are much worse than the others. Vitamin K can be used to reverse the effects of other anticoagulants that have blood-thinning effects. If there is ever an emergency that comes from taking Xarelto, a patient will be at a serious risk because the bleeding can not be reversed.

Johnson & Johnson and Bayer did not alert or warn doctors about the bleeding risks that could come from taking the medication. The bleeding side effects may even be permanent. Any uncontrollable internal bleeding is a serious issue, and it can be deadly. There are doctors who have been using some emergency treatments in an effort to stop deaths, and any severe injuries. Every company who is responsible for pharmaceutical has a responsibility to make sure their medications or drugs or safe for people to use.

Bayer and Johnson & Johnson are defendants in several lawsuits regarding Xarelto. Those who have filed claims against Bayer and Johnson & Johnson state that:

There were other drugs on the market available to them, but the pharmaceutical company for Xarelto put it out on the market and stated that it is safe and effective.

The pharmaceutical manufacturer did not inform doctors about what steps they can take if bleeding occurs in their patients.

Patients were not warned about the risks and seriously dangerous effects that could occur.

Xarelto was not created to minimize any risks or threats, but was created to gain more profits.

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