Xarelto And The Underlying Question: What Is The Benefit Of Taking Xarelto?

In the past, there were other anticoagulants that were seen as the top standard for patients who needed to prevent blood clots and/or strokes. When patients were taking warfarin, they had to undergo blood monitoring to make sure everything was working properly.

The mechanisms for Xarelto are different; they have basically been sold as “Xarelto fits all.” There is no blood monitoring doctor visits and no checking and monitoring the blood levels. When you think about this benefit and compare it to the big risks that many people have encountered, then there really isn’t a big benefit that the makers of Xarelto have claimed.

Since there is not an antidote, it makes it a challenge to reverse the side effects. As a result, many patients have suffered serious injuries because of the uncontrollable bleeding, and many patients have died from this drug.

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