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FDA Meeting Now to Review Safety of Metal-on-Metal Hip Implants

The United States Food and Drug Administration will hold a two – day meeting beginning June 27 to 28, to look closer at the safety of metal – on – metal hip implants. The devices are be more dangerous than non-metal hip implants already on the market. Such implants, as ASR and Pinnacle made by DePuy, as subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, Zimmer Holding Inc., and Write Medical have been linked to almost 16,800 adverse events since 2000, often resulting in pain and swelling that sometimes requires removal of the devices. Moreover, revisions, meaning surgery to remove or replace the implant, were reported as the most recurring side – effect, totaling 14,131. British experts at the world’s largest artificial joint registry went so far as to tell doctors to stop using metal – on – metal hip implants, citing similar analysis showing they have to be replaced more often than other implants. According to their data, while hip replacements are supposed to last between 10 to 15 years, more than 6 percent of patients with metal hips require surgery to remove them after less than five years. That compared with just 2 percent of people who had ceramic or plastic joints.

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