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Metallic Hip Implant Settlements

In what many believe to be the first in a string of future settlements, Johnson & Johnson reportedly agreed to pay $600,000 to settle three cases accusing the company of complicity in the damage caused by its distribution of its DePuy Unit’s ASR metal – on – metal hip implants. Research has shown that the implants often result in absorption of metal ions into the bloodstream, which subsequently seeps into nearby tissues resulting in their deterioration. The average settlement per case ($200,000) It is believed that future cases involving such implants will yield significant settlement amounts. According to Eric Gordon, a business professor at the University of Michigan who follows the pharmaceutical industry, opined that Johnson & Johnson should expect to pay close to $2 billion when all litigation involving the hip implants is accounted for. When looking at the number of current lawsuits being levied again Johnson & Johnson, approximately 8,000, this number appears fairly accurate. Johnson and Johnson’s DePuy unit is also facing litigation over its Pinnacle metal on metal hip implants. Similarly, Stryker and Zimmer are facing multidistrict litigation over their metal on metal hip implants. Plaintiffs counsel is able to show to a jury that each of these systems is defective in design, that the manufactures knew of the defects, and that these manufactures earned hundreds of millions of dollars at the expense of thousands of victims who suffered painful, disabling injuries.

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