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Stryker Hip Lawsuit Attorneys

Stryker Hip Lawsuit Attorneys

At The Levensten Law Firm, we handle cases involving the recall of Stryker Hip Replacements. We focus on addressing the health issues caused by these implants, such as metallosis and device failure. If you’re affected by a faulty Stryker Hip Replacement, our firm is here to guide you through the legal process and assist you in seeking compensation.
Stryker Hip Lawsuit Attorneys

Stryker Hip Replacement Lawsuits

Stryker Hip Replacements, particularly those with ABG II or Rejuvenate modular neck stems, have been recalled due to various complications. Patients have reported severe health issues including:

  • Metallosis (Metal Blood Poisoning)
  • Inflammation and Swelling
  • Pain and Tumors
  • Loosening and Failure of the Implanted Device
  • Corrosion/Fretting of the Device

Stryker Hip Replacement Claims

Many victims required additional surgeries to address these complications.

The recall, initiated by Stryker on July 6, 2012, responded to risks of wear, fretting, and corrosion associated with these hip systems.

Legal Support for Stryker Hip Replacement Victims

The Levensten Law Firm is actively involved in litigation related to these recalled Stryker Hip Replacements.

Our firm offers legal support to individuals who have suffered injuries due to these defective devices.

If you’ve experienced complications from a Stryker Hip Replacement, especially involving an ABG II or Rejuvenate modular neck stem, The Levensten Law Firm can provide a free consultation to discuss your rights and potential compensation.

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