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The Stryker Rejuvenate Hip Implant Recall: What Went Wrong?

Faulty hip implants often result in terrible suffering, medical complications, and reduced quality of life in patients. Unsafe hip implants produced by Stryker Corporation haven’t been an exception. The Stryker Rejuvenate Hip Implant recall was issued worldwide in the summer of 2012, after the metal components of this hip implant device proved likely to become corroded, function poorly or completely break down. What does this mean for patients who received the implants?

Patients have been struggling with implants that can’t support them and that have left them struggling with medical complications in the aftermath of the surgery. One major problem is metallosis, a damaging condition brought about by all the metallic particles building up in the body; the corrosion, and the little flakes of metal released into the body when the different parts of the device rub against each other, cause serious problems in patients.

Overall, the health problems resulting from these faulty implants include:

Pain of different levels of severity;
Impairments in mobility;
Further bone deterioration;
Necrosis (death of tissue);
Allergies to metal particles;
Nerve damage;
Hip implant failure and the need for additional surgeries.

The problems with Stryker’s devices are similar to those caused by other hip implants containing metal-on-metal components; brands such as DePuy also have an unacceptably high rate of failure and patient complications. The situation has gotten so serious that the FDA has tightened requirements for device approval and is calling for more research into their safety and functioning.

Demanding that medical device corporations be accountable for their actions will hopefully lead to the following beneficial results:

Individuals who suffered from excessive pain, medical complications, and/or complete implant failure will receive fair compensation in order to obtain the best care for themselves and pay steep medical bills.
In future, there will be more stringent standards for any medical devices released into the market. There will be more transparency and responsibility from corporations.

If you’ve suffered from these hip implant devices, including the Stryker brand, contact experienced attorneys who have extensive experience standing up to huge companies. You don’t have to feel as if you’re struggling with the faulty implant on your own, burdened with financial stress and ignored by the corporations who should be compensating you for their serious violations against patient well-being and trust.

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