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Business Disputes and Litigation

The Levensten Law Firm has a broad history in managing various types of business litigation, encompassing a range of complex disputes.
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Comprehensive Business Litigation Services

At Levensten Law Firm, we offer a wide spectrum of legal services in business litigation, tailoring our strategies to meet the diverse needs of our clients in complex legal disputes.

  • Employment Agreement Breaches: We address cases where employment contracts have been violated, ensuring that our clients receive the fair compensation they deserve. We handle a variety of disputes, such as wrongful termination, breach of contract terms, and unfair employment practices. We thoroughly investigate each case, advocate vigorously for our clients’ rights, and strive to secure the best possible outcome in these complex legal matters.

  • Supplier and Purchaser Disputes: Our firm excels in resolving disputes between suppliers and purchasers, safeguarding the interests of businesses in various industries. We handle issues related to contract breaches, delivery failures, quality disputes, and payment conflicts. Our approach involves meticulous analysis of contracts, negotiation, and litigation to protect our clients’ financial and commercial interests.

  • Legal Profession Disputes: We adeptly manage disputes within the legal sector, including those as sensitive and challenging as family law conflicts. Our services cover partnership disputes, professional negligence, ethical violations, and conflicts of interest. We understand the nuances of legal profession disputes and provide discreet, effective resolution strategies.

  • Contractual and Partnership Solutions: We offer comprehensive legal support in commercial contracts, partnership disputes, and collection processes. Our services include drafting, reviewing, and negotiating contracts, addressing partnership disagreements, and pursuing effective debt recovery solutions. We aim to prevent disputes and efficiently resolve those that arise.

  • Real Estate and Zoning: Our team is proficient in handling real estate disputes, zoning issues, and contractor/mechanic lien matters. We deal with property disputes, land use conflicts, zoning law violations, and construction lien issues. Our goal is to safeguard clients’ property rights and achieve favorable resolutions.

  • Small Business and Employment Disputes: We are dedicated to resolving unique challenges faced by small businesses, including employment law violations. Our services encompass employee contract disputes, workplace discrimination, wage and hour claims, and regulatory compliance issues. We provide personalized legal guidance to protect the interests of small business owners.

  • Government and Trade Practice Issues: Our firm is experienced in tackling government enforcement actions and unfair trade practice claims. We handle regulatory compliance issues, government investigations, antitrust matters, and unfair competition cases. Our approach is proactive, aiming to mitigate risks and defend clients’ rights effectively.

  • Shareholder and Tenant Disagreements: We have extensive experience in managing complex disputes involving shareholders, partnerships, and tenancy. Our services cover shareholder rights, partnership agreements, tenant-landlord conflicts, and property management issues. We focus on achieving amicable resolutions while protecting our clients’ interests.

What to Do If You’re In A Legal Business Dispute

  • Gather All Relevant Documents: Collect contracts, emails, and any other documentation related to the dispute.
  • Record Details: Note down key dates, conversations, and actions that have contributed to the dispute.
  • Seek Legal Advice: Consult with a business litigation attorney here at The Levensten Law Firm for guidance on your rights and options.
  • Avoid Escalation: Try to keep communication with the other party professional and avoid exacerbating the dispute.
  • Consider Mediation: Before pursuing litigation, consider exploring mediation or other dispute resolution methods.
  • Prepare for Possible Litigation: If the dispute cannot be resolved, be prepared to move forward with legal proceedings.

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When facing business litigation challenges, Levensten Law Firm is your go-to for comprehensive legal advice and support. Our team is ready to guide you through your legal journey with focus and dedication. Contact us to explore how we can assist in your case.

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