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Estate Practice and Litigation

Explore the unique expertise of The Levensten Law Firm in estate litigation and related matters. With a history of handling complex cases, including high-profile family disputes over heirlooms, we provide skilled legal guidance in estate and wrongful death claims. Our experienced team navigates the intricate legal landscape to protect your rights and interests.
estate litigation lawyers

Estate Litigation Expertise at The Levensten Law Firm

The Levensten Law Firm brings unique and extensive experience in estate litigation and related matters, offering specialized legal services to clients facing complex estate issues.

Case Study: A Prolonged Estate Litigation

  • Historical Family Dispute: Our firm spent nearly five years handling a high-profile estate litigation case involving one of America’s oldest families. The dispute centered around who was entitled to inherit precious antiques and family heirlooms following the matriarch’s death.
  • Challenges in Estate Litigation: Such cases involve intricate legal issues and a significant burden of proof. We successfully demonstrated that the disputed items were gifted to our client before the death of their parents, leading to a favorable verdict and removing these items from the estate property.

Common Disputes in Estate Matters

  • Daily Occurrences: Disputes similar to the one we handled are common, and our firm’s experience in these matters positions us to effectively assist clients in resolving such conflicts.

Integrating Estate Practice with Personal Injury Law

  • Wrongful Death and Estate Claims: Our practice also encompasses estate-related aspects of personal injury cases, particularly wrongful death claims.
  • Legal Procedures: Opening an estate and appointing an administrator are essential steps for legal standing in wrongful death claims, enabling the pursuit of necessary medical records and settlement agreements.
  • State-Specific Legal Work: Each state has unique laws governing estate litigation, including filing inventories, updates, tax returns, and closing the estate. We are adept at navigating these state-specific requirements.
  • Probate Court Approvals: Often, estates must seek approval for wrongful death settlements in probate court, a process we are well-versed in handling.

Contact The Levensten Law Firm for Estate Litigation Assistance

If you require legal assistance with estate matters or need guidance in estate-related personal injury claims, The Levensten Law Firm is here to help. Our team, equipped with years of experience in estate litigation, is ready to provide you with the expert legal support you need. Feel free to reach out to us to discuss your case and explore how we can assist you in navigating the complexities of estate law.

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