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Nursing Home Injuries

Supporting the rights of the elderly, The Levensten Law Firm offers comprehensive legal assistance for nursing home injury cases, ensuring families receive the justice and compensation needed for their loved ones’ care and recovery.
nursing home accident lawyers in Philadelphia

Nursing Home Injuries: Advocacy and Legal Support

At The Levensten Law Firm, we recognize the vulnerabilities of the elderly, especially those residing in nursing homes. Our commitment is to provide legal support and advocacy for victims of nursing home injuries, often caused by negligence.

The Plight of the Elderly in Nursing Homes

  • Vulnerability of the Elderly: Nursing homes, frequently managed by large corporations, can sometimes fall short in providing adequate care to their residents.
  • Common Forms of Negligence: Tragic instances of neglect and abuse in nursing homes are not uncommon. These can include severe bedsores leading to death, physical abuse, and injuries due to inadequately trained staff.
  • Sanitation and Health Risks: Failure to maintain sanitary conditions is another critical issue, potentially causing viral outbreaks and other infectious diseases resulting in serious harm or death.

Legal Recourse for Nursing Home Injuries

  • Range of Wrongful Acts: There is a long list of potential negligent acts that can give rise to liability in the context of nursing home care.
  • Seeking Justice and Compensation: If you or a loved one has suffered injuries in a nursing home setting, it’s important to explore your legal options.

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The Levensten Law Firm is dedicated to helping victims of nursing home injuries. We offer legal guidance and support to understand your rights to compensation and assist in filing personal injury claims against responsible parties.

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