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Hair Straightener Litigation

We fight for women’s health. If you used hair relaxers and were diagnosed with uterine or ovarian cancer, you may be eligible for compensation. Studies link these products to an increased risk of cancer, especially for Black women. We understand the complexities of these cases and offer compassionate legal guidance. Let’s fight for the justice you deserve.
hair straightener lawsuits

Alarming Findings on Hair Straighteners and Uterine Cancer Risk

Recent findings by the NIH have brought to light a distressing connection between hair straightening chemicals and an increased risk of uterine cancer. The study particularly highlights the heightened danger for African American women, who are more likely to use these products frequently from a young age.

Chemicals of Concern and Rising Health Fears

Parabens, bisphenol A, metals, and formaldehydes, common in these hair products, are suspected to penetrate the scalp and elevate cancer risk. This revelation sparks serious health concerns for millions of Black women.

The Levensten Law Firm’s Commitment to Justice

At this critical juncture, The Levensten Law Firm is steadfast in its support of Black women. Our seasoned product liability lawyers are focused on making manufacturers answerable for these potentially hazardous products and securing justice for those affected.

Supportive Legal Services Offered

We provide confidential, free case evaluations and represent affected clients nationwide. Our relentless advocacy aims to ensure rightful compensation for any harm caused by unsafe hair straightening products.

Urgent Call to Action

We urge those affected by regular use of hair straightening products to seek legal advice immediately. Contact The Levensten Law Firm Litigation Hotline at 800-510-1325 to explore your claim and initiate the path to justice.

Helpful Resources for Further Information

Explore additional information on the NIH study, the National Cancer Institute’s findings, and the Black Women’s Health Imperative.

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