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FDA Issues Drug Safety Alert on 1/31/14: FDA Investigating Cardiovascular Risk of Testosterone Products

[dotted top=”0″ bottom=”0″]The FDA’s Safety Announcement concerning its investigation of the risks of heart attack and stroke associated with AndroGel and other Testosterone products can be found in full at the following link:


If you or a loved one has used or been exposed to the medication Androgel or another testosterone product and suffered a stroke, heart attack, prostate or premature puberty, you may be entitled to damages for your personal injuries. Among other studies, recent study by the Veterans Affairs indicates that patients using testosterone therapies, such as Androgel, Testim, and others, have a 29 percent greater risk of death, heart attack, or stroke than those not taking the hormone.

One of the key findings of the VA study was that sales of testosterone products have tripled over the past decade. In 2011, physicians wrote 5.3 million prescriptions for the medication at a cost $1.6 billion. The study credits the sales increase with the advertised claims that testosterone therapy could improve libido, energy and performance.

What is Androgel?

Androgel is a topical medication prescribed by doctors for male patients suffering from hypogonadism, a condition commonly known as Low Testosterone or Low T. When testosterone is low a patient may have development problems with his prostate, sex organs, muscle mass, strength, fat distribution, mood, energy, hair distribution, sex drive, and and sexual function.

Patients apply the gel by pumping it into their hand and rubbing it into the skin on their upper arms and shoulders. It’s then absorbed into the body. Users of the drug have manifested a range of side effects.

AbbVie’s “Medication Guide” explains that a child’s exposure to Androgen may cause early puberty, including enlarged penis or clitoris, early pubic hair development, increased erections and sex drive, and aggressive behavior. Complications in women may include changes in body hair and an increase in acne.

If you are one of the millions of people who have been exposed to Androgel or other testosterone therapies, it’s not likely that a representative of the pharmaceutical company will come knocking on your door to offer you a settlement. If your statute of limitations runs out, you may not be able to present a claim at all.

Attorneys from the Levensten Law Firm will listen to your story and counsel you about your legal options. We will get the facts, evaluate the circumstances surrounding your injury; and we will work hard to obtain a recovery on your behalf.

Feel free to contact us at www.androgellawyers.com for more information about filing a lawsuit for injuries caused by Androgel or another prescription testosterone product.

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