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First State Court Vaginal Mesh Trial Begins in Atlantic City, New Jersey

This case is first of thousands of Ethicon Prolift pelvic mesh (also known as transvaginal mesh) cases to go to trial. Our lawyers at The Levensten Law Firm in Philadelphia, PA have filed many Ethicon Prolift lawsuits, therefore we’re keeping a keen eye on this trial.

Bloomberg reported that the plaintiff, Linda Gross, 47, alleges that she had 18 surgeries as a result of the damages caused by the Ethicon Prolift vaginal mesh implant. Bloomberg further reported that the victim’s lawyer told the jury that Johnson and Johnson knew of these risks prior to putting the device on the market, but tragically failed to warn patients and physicians.

J&J stopped selling Prolift in the United States in August, and stated that by June will stop selling it worldwide. The manufacturers are presently conducting a study of the rates of injury pursuant to an FDA directive. Bloomberg reported that 70,000 vaginal mesh devices were implanted in 2010.

The Ethicon Prolit product, for which J&J profitted, was placed on the market without FDA approval. The FDA intervened, and required J&J to get approval in 2008.

The number of women injured by these devices and foreseeable damages are astounding. It is within the power of Johnson & Johnson to do what’s best for the victims and its own companies, and create a settlement program for the Ethicon Prolift cases.

In my opinion, it will be telling if Johnson & Johnson allows its internal emails and unpublished studies to be entered into evidence at trial, which would eliminate their confidentiality protection and expose J&J’s acts for the world to see. Only a settlement of this trial can protect J&J’s internal documents from being made public.

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