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If You Have Experienced Migration With the Mirena IUD, You Are Not Alone

Mirena, the brand name for an intrauterine birth control device, at first seemed like a miracle contraceptive for women who had already given birth to a child. The small plastic object, meant to stay inside the uterus for up to five years to prevent pregnancy, was touted as safe and effective. Women, especially new mothers and working mothers, have long sought out effective birth control methods that they do not have to worry about on a daily basis.

However, news started to slowly spread that Mirena might be much more dangerous than parent company Bayer Pharmaceuticals had touted. Women who had gotten the IUD inserted by their doctors were returning with complaints of intense pain only to be told after the product was in their bodies that it could migrate and even leave their uterus all together. Many women have had to endure multiple surgeries to locate and remove the device after it punctured their uterine wall and entered the abdominal cavity or other organs. Symptoms of migration do not immediately appear upon insertion of Mirena, so many victims are unaware that the device could be moving inside their bodies, causing damage to their reproductive organs.

Because both doctors and patients were misled about Mirena’s ability to dislodge and migrate, even through national print and television advertisement campaigns, thousands of lawsuits have already been filed. Bayer Pharmaceuticals represented Mirena as an innovative, effective, and incredibly safe product for women. Women who have had their Mirena IUD migrate or perforate their uterus are suffering the consequeces of these miscalculations.

Many of the victims of Mirena IUDs feel angry and helpless, and have turned to the Courts for vindication and compensation. Litigation is a process most people like to avoid, but it is the only recourse that consumers have against to protect their rights against multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical companies. Litigation also helps ensure safety for future patients. It is your right to seek damages against the makers of Mirena if you have experienced any of the symptoms associated with migration of the device. Contact Levensten Law Firm now to speak with someone about your options regarding Mirena.

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