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Johnson & Johnson Related Companies Routinely Recall Drugs and Medical Devices over Safety Concerns

Johnson & Johnson, the pharmaceutical giant, has made the news again recently for recalls involving two different drugs: the antipsychotic medication, Risperdal Consta, and liquid Motrin for infants. Why were these products recalled?

Regarding the Risperdal Consta, which is used to treat schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, the company recalled one lot because they discovered mold in it. As for the liquid Motrin for infants, used primarily as a fever reducer, the company discovered tiny bits of plastic in 200,000 bottles. People are exposed to unnecessary risk taking medication they need the giant drugh manufacturer needs to be vigilant about any negative effects that may manifest in the future.

Johnson & Johnson and its related companies have a history of issuing recalls on products ranging from Tylenol to metal on metal hip implants and vaginal mesh.

What do these latest recalls suggest about the company’s drug manufacturing facilities?

Although the company has implemented quality control measures that involve testing and retesting products, they’ll need to further improve these measures to insure that flawed products are detected before they get released to the public.

The company uses third-party manufacturers around the world for its products, and it’s unclear what safety controls these facilities have in place. The Risperdal Consta was made by a company that’s based in Ireland; as for the liquid Motrin, Johnson & Johnson so far hasn’t named the manufacturer they used. Different components of each medication may also be prepared in two separate facilities and then later combined; the problem with the plastic in the Motrin, for instance, originated in the facility that produces the medication’s ibuprofen ingredient.

There needs to be greater transparency about where these meds, and their different components, are getting manufactured. We need to know what quality control standards are in effect at each location and in the methods used to transport ingredients between facilities.

Problems with medications can extend beyond side effects. A medication that’s generally quite effective can be rendered dangerous by unsafe manufacturing conditions. If there are problems with temperature and humidity, with the equipment, or with the packaging the product is kept in, individuals will wind up taking meds that have become either ineffective or hazardous.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have concerns about any Johnson & Johnson products you’ve taken that you believe to be unsafe. You are welcome to call the Levensten Law Firm to learn how to protect your ricghts is you’ve been injured by a Johnson and Johnson product.

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