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Safety Alert: FDA Warns Healthy Life Chemistry Contains Hidden Steroids

In late July 2013 headlines that read, “FDA Warns Healthy Life Chemistry Contains Hidden Steroids.” Sorrowfully, it was just one of several announcements about dangerous health products to be made this year. For those that missed the latest one, here’s a synopsis along with our initial thoughts:

From what we have gleaned from the announcements, the New York based products in question are being touted as vitamin supplements. The companies involved in the recall are Purity Health Products, Inc. and Mira Health Products, Ltd. The vitamin supplements, in turn, are sold under the brand name Healthy Life Chemistry.

Currently, there are three products involved in the nationwide recall. They are vitamin C, vitamin B-50 and multi-mineral supplements. All three are said to contain one or more steroids. Those steroids are Dimethyltestosterone, Dimethazine and Methasterone.

How the steroids ended up in the supplements remains to be seen. However, some connected to the recall are speculating that it may be related to cross-contamination issues. Cross-contamination sometimes occurs in the pharmaceutical industry due to improper use of pill counting devices.

Regardless, what is known is that each steroid is capable of causing serious and potentially lethal health issues to arise. The list of issues includes, but is not confined to:

Hormonal imbalance in women;
Stunted bone growth in minors;
Deep vein thrombosis;
Pulmonary embolisms;
Liver damage/failure;
Testicular shrinkage;
Breast enlargement;
Kidney failure;
Heart attacks;

Victims whose health was negatively impacted by the hidden steroids should contact The Levensten Law Firm to learn how to protect your rights. Our talented team of mass tort lawyers stands ready to help our fellow citizens pursue adequate compensation from the negligent entities connected to the unsafe health supplements.

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