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Canadian Study Finds an 83% Increased Risk of Bladder Cancer in Actos Users

In a new Canadian study recently published in the British Medical Journal on the side effects of Actos, it was reported that people being treated for type 2 diabetes with Takeda Pharmaceutical’s drug Actos may be putting themselves at risk for bladder cancer. Lead researcher Laurent Azoulay and her team colleted data on 115,727 patients […]

Background Information about Actos and Bladder Cancer

ACTOS ASSOCIATION WITH BLADDER CANCER In 1999 with Actos received FDA approval to treat type II diabetes. Before getting approval for Actos, Takeda knew that it would cause casastrophic side effects, including bladder cancer. Animal studies showed a signal for bladder cancer risk. Takeda knew that they should have studied the bladder cancer risk further. […]


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