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FDA Evaluating Link Between Byetta and Pancreatic Cancer

In March of this year, the Food and Drug Administration released the following safety alert: “Incretin Mimetic Drugs for Type 2 Diabetes: Early Communication – Reports of Possible Increased Risk of Pancreatitis and Pre-cancerous Findings of the Pancreas.” The FDA reports that it is evaluating academic research that links these drugs with the elevated risk […]

Byetta data raises significant concerns regarding the drug’s effect on heart rhythm

In an effort to receive approval from the FDA for its new diabetes drug Bydureon, Amylin Pharmaceuticals deliberately concealed relevant information pertaining to heart – safety issues surrounding the drug. Even after such concerns were made public, Amylin went even further in attempting to hinder FDA access to data showing Bydureon’s pitfalls. The series of […]


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