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UCLA Researchers Link Prescription Testosterone Supplements to Double Risk of Heart Attack

In yet another study exposing the risks of prescription testosterone supplements, UCLA researchers in a joint study with the National Instute of Health have also linked these dangerous products to heart attack, the article states, and may even double the risk to the men using them. While it appears that testosterone supplement manufacturers have long been aware of this risk, the label is silent on the issue.

From 2008-2012, the number of prescriptions to men for testosterone supplements such as AndroGel reached 430 million — more than twice what they were before that time, the article stated. A study found that of the men who used the drug for just three months, those with a history of heart disease had twice the risk of a heart attack, regardless of whether they were over or under the age of 65. The reason for the increased risk, the article reported, is that testosterone causes red blood cell production, which can cause the blood to coagulate, ultimately leading to a heart attack.

While AndroGel, Axiron and other prescription testosterone supplements on the market already had a documented risk of other health problems, including a potential risk of prostate cancer in men who used it as well as early puberty in children and severe adverse reactions in nursing infants and unborn fetuses of women who were secondarily exposed to it, CBS News reported that the warnings listed on the AndroGel package label do not mention an increased risk of heart attack.

If you or a loved one have suffered a heart attack or any other adverse condition after the use of AndroGel, Axiron or another prescription testosterone supplement, you may be eligible for compensation. Please feel free to contact us today for more information.

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