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Big Pharma-Funded Doctor Courses Promoted Low T Drugs Now Linked to Heart Attack, Stroke Risks

You might recall seeing television and magazine ads touting the benefits of low testosterone therapy.  Showing active and vibrant men, the ads suggest that these so-called Low T drugs can help restore athletic and even sexual performance by boosting a man’s testosterone levels.

But don’t trust the health and medical claims made about these drugs. It turns out that pharmaceutical companies have funded continuing medical education courses that feed physicians misleading information about these drugs.  The implications of that misinformation becomes all the more significant given rising concerns that Low T medications are unsafe because of suspected heart attack and stroke risks linked to these drugs.

Large pharmaceutical companies funded at least 75 testosterone replacement therapy courses – 65 of which included faculty who had previously worked as physicians employed by the pharma companies that make the testosterone drugs, according to a report from MedPage Today/Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.  The investigation found that more than half of all faculty in these courses made money by receiving speaking, consulting, or advising fees.  Further, many of these continuing medical education courses talked about the benefits of these drugs without disclosing their health risks.

Testosterone replacement therapy has come under scrutiny from the medical community and from industry regulators as studies emerged suggesting a connection between the drugs and heart attacks and strokes experienced by some men taking these drugs.  The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) last year required testosterone drug makers to add new language to the labeling of these drugs warning doctors and patients of the higher cardiovascular risks.  The FDA also urged these drug companies to conduct more studies to better understand the risks that these drugs pose.

If you or a loved one has experienced a stroke, heart attack or blood clot after using a Low T medication, you may be entitled to compensation.  Contact the Low T lawyers at the Levensten Law Firm at www.levenstenlawfirm.comwww.androgellawyers.com or 215-545-5600 for a free consultation.

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