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Were You Prescribed Medications Because Of Low Testosterone?

Many men who have low testosterone will have various symptoms, including the following: Difficulty sleeping Little to no sex drive No energy Low muscle mass Due to low testosterone levels and the willingness to want to feel better and regain the feelings they once had, men look for a remedy. Usually, that remedy is low-T […]

FDA Slaps New, Stricter Labeling on Testosterone Drugs Warning of Health Risks

The Food and Drug Administration’s tight scrutiny on testosterone-replacement drugs is getting even tighter. The regulator recently imposed stricter labeling requirements for low T products to warn of drug abuse dangers faced by people who use these products, including athletes and body builders. When men abuse testosterone medications, usually at higher doses than prescribed or […]

Scientific Review Finds Low T Drugs Have Known Risks But No Clear Benefits

Despite the wide range of medical conditions for which testosterone supplements are prescribed, there is little evidence that these drugs actually improve health, according to a review of published clinical trial data spanning 66 years. Scientists at Georgetown University concluded that studies show that not only do these Low T drugs have known risks, including […]

Low-T Medications: Not The Solution For Your Health Concerns

  Low testosterone can be the reason why so many men see significant changes in their body. Low testosterone levels can also be the reason why so many men are tired during the day, it can contribute to a low sex drive, and it can have an impact on muscle mass. This is not an […]

Low-T Medications Lawsuits: The Numbers Are Still Rising

There have been over 5,000 testosterone lawsuits filed against a number of drug manufacturers in the multidistrict litigation.  All of the men who have filed lawsuits have made allegations against drug manufacturers regarding the testosterone medications and testosterone replacement therapies. The lawsuits have made claims that Low T medications are unsafe because of heart attack […]

Heart Attack And Stroke Risks Make Low T Medications Unsafe

There are millions of men who use therapies and treatments for Low-T.  Low-T is the decline in testosterone production, and this typically happens as men become older.  When the body does not produce as much testosterone, men will start to feel tired throughout the day.  They may also have mood swings and see a weight […]


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