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First AndroGel MDL Petition Filed Seeking Coordination of All Federal Androgel Lawsuits

When multiple lawsuits are filed in federal courts around the country by victims of a defective prescription drug, the cases are typically consolidated on one federal court docket, with one federal judge overseeing the ligitation for pre-trial preceedings. The consolidatation occurs after one or more parties (plaintiffs and/or defendants) file a petition with the judicial panel on multi-district litigation for an “MDL.” The consolidation often serves the interests of judical economy and makes the litigation more efficient to the parties. Absent consolidation, federal judges around the country would be ruling on the same issues, plaintiffs and defendants would be replicating their discovery efforts in cases around the country, among other inefficiencies. During the MDL, defendants produce their millions of documents for review by plaintiffs’ counsel, defendants’ employees depositions are taken, expert reports applicable to common issues of science such as general causation are served by both parties, and bellwether trials are often scheduled.

Due to the large number of AndroGel lawsuits filed by victims of heart attack and strokes nationwide, and the considerable number of cases expected to be filed, a petition for an AndroGel MDL has been filed seeking consolidation in Illinois federal court. Among other reasons, consolidation in Illinois was sought because Androgel manufacturers/marketers Abbott Laboratories and AbbVie, Inc, are headquartered in Illinois and 36 Androgel lawsuits were pending there as of March 28, 2014.

A copy of the first AndroGel MDL petition can be found at the following link: AndroGel Petition Requesting MDL in NDIL. The petition provides a discussion of basis for defendants’ liability, including deceptive marketing and the absence of any warning of heart attack and stroke in the AndroGel label, notwithstanding the sudies showing the causal link.

If you or a loved one suffered a heart attack, stroke or death while taking AndroGel, please feel free to contact Scott Levensten to learn more about filing an AndroGel lawsuit and protecting your rights to compensation. We may also be contacted on our website www.androgellawyers.com

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