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Sports Organizations Banning Dangerous Testosterone Replacement Therapy

At the Levensten Law Firm, we’ve been keeping track of news related to testosterone replacement therapy, because we’re currently preparing for litigation related to the many negative side effects of low-T therapy, such as AndroGel and Axiron. Recently, we’ve been noticing a trend towards banning testosterone therapy by sports organizations, even when the testosterone is used for “therapeutic” purposes. Other non-regulatory organizations, such as the Association of Ringside Physicians, have called for bans on therapeutic testosterone therapy (TRT) exemptions.

The Nevada State Athletic Commission, the administrative agency which regulates unarmed combat contests such as boxing and MMA for the state of Nevada, recently voted – unanimously – to no longer allow therapeutic exemptions to it’s testosterone ban. The Bleacher Report indicates that Nevada is a leader in state athletic laws, so many other states are expected to follow suit soon. You can explore news and discussions related to Nevada’s ban here on Google News.

Following on the heels of the NSAC ban, the UFC added its own ban. The UFC regulations control in the absence of state or local laws, such as in overseas matches. California also issued a temporary ban while it works on revising its regulations on TRT exceptions to be more stringent. And the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), the leading international organization in sports, bans many forms of testosterone under all circumstances.

Unless you’re an MMA fighter, these recent rule changes probably don’t affect you directly. However, they show a trend towards understanding the dangers of TRT, even when the therapy is prescribed by a medical professional. Taking testosterone can lead to heart attacks or strokes. If you or a loved one has suffered one of these catastrophic events after being prescribed testosterone, contact Scott Levensten of the Levensten Law Firm in Philadelphia to learn how to protect your rights to compensation or visit us at www.androgellawyers.com.

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