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Fox News Questions The Safety and Veracity of Labelling of Prescription Testosterone Therapy

Fox News recently took a look at testosterone therapy and its benefits and drawbacks. In particular, one of the cautionary messages in the article is to recognize marketing as marketing. Be aware of off-label low T marketing, and how the message is driven by profit. Testosterone is trendy right now, but remember the old adage about your friends jumping off a bridge. Don’t do it just because it’s popular and well-marketed.

According to the article, testosterone therapy has tripled in use in the past ten years, and is being used to help patients with weight gain, low energy, and other associated problems of aging. The author cautions those interested in testosterone therapy to consult with an expert, who can run tests and determine if T is safe and appropriate in your particular case. She also warns against using over-the-counter medicines claiming to be effective hormone therapy.

At the Levensten Law Firm, we want to caution you about the use of testosterone replacement therapy. Make sure you know all the risks, have all the appropriate tests, have considered alternatives, and are seeing an experienced and thorough doctor. Make sure you understand potential side effects, and know which ones you should notify your doctor about immediately if you start having them. All medicines have risks, and responsible use requires understanding and mitigating those risks.

Studies associate prescription testosterone drugs with an increased risk of heart attack, stroke and death. If you or a loved one suffered one of these catastrophic injuries while taking a prescription testosterone supplement, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. Feel free to contact us here, or at www.androgellawyers.com, to learn how to protect your rights to compensation.

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