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Profits over Patient Safety: Pradaxa TV Commercials Continue To Flood The Networks

Steps taken by the international pharmaceutical corporation Boehringer Ingelheim pursuant to the development of Pradaxa, an FDA – approved prescription medicine designed to help reduce the risk of stroke in persons with nonvalvular atrial fibrillation, demonstrate the company’s purely profit – driven motivation with respect to the drugs distribution. Moreover, Pradaxa is expected to be one of BI’s top selling drugs, reaching $603 million by the end of this year. According to the FDA, those treated with Pradaxa are subject to life – threatening bleeds at a higher rate than the strokes or systemic embolisms Pradaxa is intended to prevent (1.5% per year versus 1.1% a year). Despite such knowledge, BI has continued to promote the drug as a safe and effective treatment for AF and alternative to warfarin rather than attempt to pull the drug off the market, provide strong warnings, or create an antidote. It is evident that Boehringer Ingelheim “willfully, wantonly, and with malice” withheld knowledge of increased risk of irreversible bleeds in users of Pradaxa to ensure the company’s financial success. BI’s television marketing campaign is irresponsible and in reckless disregard of patient safety.

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