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The Levensten Law Firm Represents Many Injured Victims of Metallic Hip Implant Lawsuits

Metallic hip implants are implants in which both the ball, and socket components of an artificial hip are metal. Studies show that these implants are failing at a high rate due to premature wear. Full metal implants often need to be replaced within the first few years of use, while hip replacements containing a combination of metal and plastic are said to last as long as 15 years. A recent study shows that nealy one-third of the estimated 250,000 hip implants needed to be replaced in this country each year are due to metallic hip faluire.

Metal-on-metal hip Implants constructed from a cobalt-chromium alloy begin to wear and tiny particles of cobalt and chromium begin to shed. This wear can be shown by seeing increased levels of these ions in the body. Though immediate problems with the hip implants are not life threatening, patients have suffered crippling injuries due to this wear.

The main reason for these failures and wear is in a design flaw. The design flaw of the ASR implant is that the cup is too shallow. Metal on metal joints are designed to harness natural lubricating fluids that come from the hip. If a joint is shallow the prosthetic head has a greater tendency to rub against the edges of the cup. This makes it harded for natural lubricants to get in and greatly increases wear on the implant. This can lead to extensive soft tissue damage and bone disruption. Metallic ions can then diffuse into the blood stream. Metallic implants that contain a larger head are not much better. The heads create too much stress in the taper junction (area where the head attaches to the stem) and cause debris to release resorting in a similar problem.

If you are in need of a metallic hip implant injury victim lawyer please contact us here at the Levensten lawfirm. We understand the severity of a metallic hip injury and are here to help you.

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