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Time is Running Out – Protect Your Rights To Bring Your Claims For Injuries From Your Pelvic Mesh Implant

Many women experience pelvic organ prolapse, or collapse of the pelvic floor, following child birth, having a hysterectomy or menopause. With this condition, pelvic organs slip out of place, or even protrude from the body. Since the 1990’s, transvaginal mesh devices have been used as a treatment for pelvic organ prolapse in women and were originally promoted as a low-risk procedure.

Soon after its use began, evidence showed that vaginal mesh implants can cause severe complications which are painful and serious. Between 2008 and 2010, prolapse repairs using transvaginal mesh devices resulted in thousands of injuries, as well as several deaths. Multiple surgical revision or removal of vaginal mesh may be required. These procedures are both dangerous and costly.

Studies revealed that ten percent of women who underwent pelvic organ prolapse repair surgery involving transvaginal mesh devices suffered serious complications within a year of having surgery. Complications associated with vaginal mesh injuries are:

– Erosion of mesh through vaginal or other organ tissues
– Perforation of pelvic organs bowel, bladder or blood vessels
– Abdominal pressure or pelvic pain
– Vaginal bleeding, discharge or infections
– Recurrence of pelvic organ prolapse
– Vaginal shortening or tightening and scarring
– Incontinence of urine

The FDA has found no evidence that use of vaginal mesh devices for pelvic organ prolapse repairs to be more effective than traditional methods and they present more risk of serious injury requiring multiple revision surgeries or removal. In many cases use of vaginal mesh may not cure symptoms of pelvic prolapse. While some transvaginal mesh device manufacturers have voluntarily ceased manufacturing, the FDA has declined to remove transvaginal mesh devices from the market, although many models of the devices share similar design flaws and risks.

There have been thousands of lawsuits against manufacturers of surgical mesh products used in transvaginal mesh devices, including the following manufacturing companies:

Johnson &Johnson/Ethicon
Boston Scientific
American Medical Systems
Caldera Medical

If you are a vaginal mesh injury victim, you are entitled to compensation. Let the Levensten Law Firm be your vaginal mesh injury victim lawyer. Trust us to be your advocate. Contact us for a consultation.

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