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Thinking of Hiring a Superstorm Sandy Property Damage Lawyer? We Can Help.

Superstorm Sandy was a devastating storm that hit the East Coast last October. New Jersey, one of the hardest hit states, has finally reopened its Jersey Shore area. Residents recently returned to find at least one home still sitting in the Bay where it landed after the storm surge subsided.

In New Jersey alone, nearly $30 billion in damages were amassed from Superstorm Sandy, with more than 90 homes unrepairably damaged and about 40 homes simply floated out to sea. As one of those unlucky homeowners, how will you get the compensation you deserve?

Consider Hiring a Superstorm Sandy Property Damage Lawyer

At Levensten Law Firm, we are trained, caring professionals ready to represent you against the insurance companies. The amount of damage experienced by those in the path of Superstorm Sandy is astronomical. Our team is admitted to practice in front of courts in many areas affected by the storm including Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, D.C. and other courts across the nation.

We value our clients and understand the horror you are going through in the midst of this devastating storm. When insurance companies see loopholes, they take them. Some insurance companies tried to We can stop them from squeaking by the system and ensure they honor the policy you purchased and paid for in good faith.

Things You Should Do Now
You can take a few important steps as you are trying to recover from the massive Superstorm that will help if you have to file a claim.

Know your policy – Read over your homeowner insurance documents. Pay attention to any exclusions (things that may not be covered.)

Take photos and videos – Record all damages to your home and property. This will help determine the cause of the damages. It also helps determine the insurer responsible for coverage.

Record damaged items – Record any model or serial numbers of damaged items if you are able.

Keep good records of conversations with insurers – If you contact your insurance company, be sure to write down the time and date of the call and the nature of the discussion. The insurance companies do it, but they do not expect you to do the same. Keeping good records can help keep insurers honest about your conversations.

Keep records of expenses – Any damage related expense receipts should be kept including relocation or hotel receipts, cleaning expenses, mold treatment, vehicle rental receipts, etc. Some items are covered and others are not, but the best way to receive compensation is to have proof of the expense.

Relax. Take a deep breath. Do you feel better? Great! Now contact us to get started on your claim today!

Levensten Law Firm, your Superstorm Sandy Property Damage Lawyers.

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